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How we use cookies

T.H.NIC Co., Ltd. uses cookies on thnic.co.th (“website”) to improve service and enhance your user experience. Some of the cookies are essential to certain services while others are used to collect statistical data concerning the use of our website. Intermittent cookies are temporary and will disappear automatically when you close your browser; others are persistent and will stay on your device for some time even when you close your browser or open it again.

The benefits of cookies

Cookies are used to help learn which parts of our website you visited and to improve your user experience when using our website, as explained below:

  • Some cookies enable specific services, like bill payment, which cannot operate without these cookies.
  • Some cookies remember your device so you are not required to re-input the same data.
  • Some cookies remember your login ID and password when you revisit the website for your convenience.
  • Some cookies measure the number of website users to make it faster and easier to use.
  • Some cookies analyse data to help us better understand how you use the website so we can improve it.
Types of cookies
Cookies Descriptions
Strictly necessary cookies
  • Remember domain names the user searched.
  • Remember the selected language to use the website ‌
Functional cookies
  • Remember the user log-in details.
  • Make sure the user are secure when logged-in
  • Make sure that the website is consistent
  • Offer live chat support
Performance cookies
  • Enhance the performance of the website
  • Enhance the user experience ‌
How to disable cookies

You can choose not to use cookies in your browser setting, and set your privacy to suspend further data collection by cookies. More detail can be found at www.aboutcookies.org or click “Help” in your browser menu.

However, cookies are essential for some services on our website. If you choose to disable cookies, you may encounter unpleasant experiences in some functions and pages.