22 August 2020

What has changed in the recently improved ‘Domain Management System’?

Domain Name Life Cycle
  • When a domain name expires, there will be an extended grace period for five (5) days after the expiry date (Renewal Grace Period *).
  • Once a domain name is put on hold, the administrators can Un-hold the domain name themselves (Hold Period*).
  • Once the domain name is deleted, users will not be able to use or un-hold the domain name (Redemption Grace Period*).
  • During the Renewal Grace Period, users can still send a request to restore the domain name at a charge of Baht 1,712.00 (including VAT) for the restore fee, which does not include the domain name renewal fee (Redemption Grace Period*). However, THNIC has waived the domain name restoration fee until December 31, 2020.
  • The domain name deletion process takes five (5) days. During this process period, domain names cannot be restored, renewed or registered until the deletion is completed (Pending Delete Period*).

Note: Additional information on the domain name life cycle can be found here

Display of Domain Name’s Expiry Date

The system will display a domain name’s expiry date bases on the date the domain name was registered. For example, if the registration date was 20-06-2020, the expiry date will be 20-06-20xx.

Note: The domain name that has been registered in the system will be valid for up to 10 years.

Display of Contact Addresses
  • For additional contact addresses, fill in additional information in case the first row of the “Address” field is insufficient
  • When selecting “Thailand”, the system will automatically display “Province” and “District” for selection.

Name Server (NS) / Host

Name servers of the registered domain name will be activated only if at least 2 unique name servers are specified. (Maximum of 8 names can be specified.)

In the case of having only one name server, the users will not be able to edit the domain name’s info, host, DNSSEC or domain name administrator, or renew the domain name. Therefore, the users have to add at least two (2) name servers by clicking the “Add a name server” option.

Host is used to define the machine name (Hostname) that will be used as the domain’s name server. Users who use name servers under ‘.th’ domain name and want to share their name server with others, need to add a Host on the system by clicking the “Add Host” option, to make it available.

Un-holding the domain
  • Add the “Un-hold” option.
  • Users can manually release the hold during the Expire Hold period as follows.
    1. Go to the “Your Domains” menu and select “Domain you want to Un-Hold”
    2. Click “Un-Hold”
    3. Click “Yes, I need to Un-Hold” and click “Un-Hold”

Note: After the domain un-hold is completed, please renew your domain name before entering the Redemption Period.

Restoration of Domain Name
  • Redemption Grace Period
    ❏ Change the “Renew Domain” option to “Restore and Renew Domain”.

If you want to continue using the domain name, the steps are as follows:

  1. Go to the “Your Domains” menu and select the domain you want to restore.
  2. Select “Restore and Renew”
  3. The “Expired Domain Restoration Fee” will then appear on the screen. Choose the renew option for at least 1 year.
  4. Click “Restore Domain”.

In the case of sending a request to delete the domain name

  1. Go to the “Your Domains” menu and click on the domain you want to restore. If you want to cancel the domain name deletion request after the request is approved, you can request to restore the domain name by clicking the “Restore the domain” option.
  2. Select “Restore Domain”.
  3. The “Domain Restoration Fee” will appear on the screen.
  4. Click “Restore Domain”.


  • The restoration fee of a domain name is Baht 1,712.00 (including VAT).
  • Users cannot change the admin name of any domain name during this period.

Changing Domain Name Admin
  • Users can change the domain name admin which is 10 years old without having to renew it.
  • Users cannot change a domain name admin which is in the Redemption Grace Period. The domain name must be restored first using the former admin.
  • Users cannot change a domain name admin which is in the Pending Delete Period.

Displaying “Whois”

Changes have been made to the thnic.co.th website status display and Command as follows:

  • “Active” Registration Period
  • “Hold” Hold Period which will change to “Active” after clicking the “Un-Hold Domain” button.
  • “redemptionPeriod” Redemption Grace Period
  • “pendingDelete” Pending Delete Period

Effect Following a Domain Name Expiration

Once a domain name expires, users will not be able to edit the domain name’s info, name servers, host or DNSSEC. They must first renew the domain name completely before any action can be taken.

Note: Users can edit the name server’s info after the expiry of a domain name that owns a one name server.

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