11 March 2021

Name Correction Service

Name Correction Service
To celebrate the 10th anniversary of dot Thai (.ไทย), THNIC is pleased to offer a new service for dot Thai (.ไทย) - Name Correction. Now you can correct or change your dot Thai (.ไทย) string with no interruption to your dot TH string.
This service integrates the dot Thai (.ไทย) delete and registration functions under the “Domain Correction” service as it will delete an old dot Thai (.ไทย) string and register a new dot Thai (.ไทย) string to map with dot TH instead. The new string will be ready as soon as a request is approved while the old dot Thai (.ไทย) enters the 35-day domain life cycle delete process. During this period, the old name will be unavailable for new registration.
We trust that this new service will increase dot Thai (.ไทย) service efficiency as it will assist users who want to correct a misspelling or change a name string of dot Thai (.ไทย) swiftly and conveniently with no effect on the dot TH string.
Service Fee
The service fee will be exempted when submitting a Name Correction request the first time (free of charge for the first request). Additional requests will incur a 100.00 Baht (One Hundred Baht only) service fee per request, exclusive of VAT.
Dot Thai Name Correction Criteria

1. Dot Thai (.ไทย) domain naming for a new name must relate to dot TH domain in accordance with dot Thai (.ไทย) domain naming described in the Domain Name Registration Policy.

2. Domain name administration can submit a request for dot Thai (.ไทย) Name Correction in the domain name management system, with no additional document required.

3. Generally, the request verification process for dot Thai (.ไทย) Name Correction is within 1 day; the Registrar will notify the result via email.

4. The first Thai Name Correction request will be exempt from the service fee.

5. Dot Thai (.ไทย) Name Correction Details

5.1 Minimum 35 days after the previous request.

5.2 100 Baht (One Hundred Baht only service fee) per request.

5.3 Prepayment is required to complete request.

5.4 Registrar reserves the right not to refund this service fee.

6. The old dot Thai (.ไทย) domain that is deleted cannot be redeemed.

7. The old dot Thai (.ไทย) domain will not be available for re-registration until after completion of the deletion process which requires 35 days from the approval date of your Name Correction request.

8. In the case the domain name administrator is not the same person as the domain name holder, they are responsible for any damages or loss incurred by the Registrar from any disputes that may occur with the domain holder from the result of the name change process by the domain administrator.

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